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Our Commitment To Serve You Better !!

Welcome to Ladan Medical Center website. We’ve combined state of art technology with a care philosophy of respect and compassion for every single patient. For more information, please browse our web site, review our history and learn about the dedicated people that make up Ladan Medical Center .

You can contact our staff for any enquiry or feed back. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also start ahead to be our patient by making initial registration from this website; by clicking the white link in the black frame above. Our healthcare providers are U.S trained professionals. We support patient from both domestic and international regions.

We also diverse in using multiple languages, as we have among our staff; those who can speak several languages such as; English U.S, English U.K, French, and much more. We strive to identify the best health care provider and center that will cater for the need of each individual taking in to consideration, the individual’s health status and unique nature of his condition. Ladan Medical Center will therefore perform preliminary clinical screening and evaluation to determine individual’s needs.

We will partner with other health care providers in Africa to determine the need for medical care in the US so we can assist those who need advance health care to achieve these.